Details about the Backbending Workshop

Curious about what will be covered in the upcoming workshops at The Yoga House ? Please read on. Remember that these workshops are open to ALL LEVELS so don’t be shy 🙂

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions via email or on facebook :

Bookings must be made directly with The Yoga House by calling +91 22 6554 5001

Please be advised to eat lightly and allow at least 2 hours for digestion before practicing and to drink plenty of water after the workshop.

Each class will end with a pranayama (control of the breath) practice and a short meditation. Coming from the Ashtanga tradition I will offer many adjustments to those who wish to help deepen certain postures safely.


Our fourth (and last !) workshop will focus on opening up to Backbends. Again, these postures are quite unnatural for us. In order to attain a good backbend, we must first open up the front body, the chest, and most of all the heart. This class will be based on the training I did in Mysore with my teacher Vinay Kumar. If there’s one thing that stuck with me about this month-long training, it was what he once told me as I was struggling and hesitating and trembling while bending back into Kapotasana. Vinay just kneeled by my side and said : « Free the body ».

Easier said than done! We hold a lot of tensions and emotions in our spine, and backbends tend to put us in front of the fact that it is incredibly difficult for us to not listen to our minds and simply allow the postures to happen; to surrender to the asana.

Practicing backends tweaks our spine and stimulates our nervous system. Our natural response to danger is to curl in to protect our most vulnerable parts, and backbends invite us to do the complete opposite : to open and to expose ourselves. Overcoming fears on the mat can help us overcome fears out in the world.


Overall backbends tend to give us a boost of energy (many teachers recommend practicing them before 6pm). It can also happen that practicing backbends releases some stored emotions such as anger, frustration and sadness BUT ALSO love, joy; in the end remember it’s always best to release all of those 😉

We will focus on warming up the spine, opening the shoulders and chest and breathing through quite a few warm up asanas, slowly moving onto our stomachs, and ending with more difficult backbends such as Urdhva Dhanurasana. (Option to drop back will be encouraged for those with more experience).


A few recommendations :

  • Really focus on setting and deepening your breath during warm up
  • Keep the front of the body long and hips rotating inwards
  • Avoid gripping or tensing up : bum should remain soft and neck relaxed
  • let go and go for it 🙂

Warning :

  • Backbends should be not be practiced by those with spinal stenosis or spondylolisthesis
  • If pregnant, avoid any postures on the stomach  (let me know if you are pregnant so we can work around or modify certain asanas)

I look forward to seeing you on the mat saturday 🙂

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