Details about the upcoming Arm Balance Workshop

Curious about what will be covered in the upcoming workshops at The Yoga House ? Please read on. Remember that these workshops are open to ALL LEVELS so don’t be shy 🙂

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions via email or on facebook :

Bookings must be made directly with The Yoga House by calling +91 22 6554 5001

Please be advised to eat lightly and allow at least 2 hours for digestion before practicing and to drink plenty of water after the workshop.

Each class will end with a pranayama (control of the breath) practice and a short meditation. Coming from the Ashtanga tradition I will offer many adjustments to those who wish to help deepen certain postures safely.


 Our second workshop together will focus on Arm Balancing postures which are often viewed as being some of the most challenging asanas to practice. Most of us immediately think « There’s no way I can do that! », « I’m not strong enough! » etc… Which in fact hampers our ability to practice these postures that require building self-confidence, cultivating an open mind, and most of all attention and focus on both breath and focal points. An important thing to keep in mind is that arm balances rely more on precise positioning and alignment than on strength.


Arm balances help us develop our core, strengthen the upper body and help us attain better flexibility. But most of all they sharpen our mental discipline and help us face our fears. The magic about any balancing posture is that in order to hold our balance, we are required to concentrate deeply, which turns off, even only momentarily, our incessant thinking. We forget about the grocery list, the argument we had at work, the fact that we might feel low that day etc… And when that balance is acquired with correct alignment, we are filled with a sense of lightness. Yes, even while balancing on our hands 🙂

Balancing postures are some of my favorite. They have been the most challenging for me to learn, due to my own fears of injuries, of lack of strength. But as I progressed in my own personal practice, I added more and more challenges. When I could balance on my hands on the mat, I decided to practice doing it on the coffee table. And so on. Gradually adding more challenges forced me to face my fears more and helped me build tremendous confidence. armbalances9

This class is OPEN TO ALL LEVELS as we will work with props for support for those who are new to Arm Balances.

We’ll work on focusing on the breath, and spend time warming up our core, our hips, our shoulders and upper body as well as our wrists in preparation for practicing postures such as Bakasana, Side Plank, Side Crane (to only name a few). Expect to feel a bit of a burn during the warm up phase, but we will be cooling down by the end of our practice with more restorative postures, relaxation, deep breathing and meditation.

Warning :

  • Pregnant practitioners should avoid arm balances since it requires the contraction of the core (belly should ALWAYS remain soft during pregnancy)
  • People who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Arm balances should not be practiced by those suffering from wrist injuries

I look forward to seeing you on the mat saturday 🙂

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