The following documentaries have been a great source of inspiration. Some are simply beautiful, others a little more painful to watch. But they all carry important messages: the urgency to act in order to make the world a better place, the need for us to become aware collectively, but most importantly to get back in touch with our inherent instinct for compassion…

You will find the trailers and excerpts up top, then scrolling down some full documentaries you can watch for free online.

You’ll also find more documentaries on my YouTube page in the playlist « Documentaires » which is updated regularly.

The website Top Documentary Films is also a very good source for documentaries pertaining to history, the environment, society, mysteries etc…


Trailers and excerpts

« Happy » de Roko Belic

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« I am Tom Shadyac » de Tom Shadyac

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« 1 Giant Leap: what about me ? » de Jamie Catto et Duncan Bridgeman


« Bitter Seeds » de Micha X. Peled

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« Forks over knives » de Lee Fulkerson

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« Beyond the Call » d’Adrian Belic

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« Virunga » de Orlando Von Einsiedel

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« Enlighten Up » de Kate Churchill

« Varanarsi, India: Beyond » de Cale Glendening, Joey L. et Ryan McCarney

« A Thousand Suns » de Stephen Marshall

« Natabar Sarangi »

« Sharwater » de Rob Stewart

« Earthlings » de Joaquin Phoenix

« Kumare » de Vickram Gandhi